How do you educate the uneducable?


How can you influence and educate the uneducable? That was the question I walked away with?

I met this really nice guy with the instagram name Sly who is an “urban” photographer, he climbs buildings, cranes, walks train tunnels and does some really incredible photography. But he fully confesses its for likes and follows.

A urban photographer influencer that is paid to promote brands and wear branded clothing creating some incredibly risky images.

I am not going to lie, I found this guy really interesting, he talks with passion the same way I talk about the landscape, but he just isn’t interested in the environment.

He came to Helensburgh to create a storm of social media, the highly controversial tunnel has divided opinion on Instagram and created a war between some photographers. He came specifically to stir the pot and create an image that would get cheers from Urban Photographers and Light Painters and create uproar with everyone else.

I talked to him for about an hour. This image took less than 1 minute, and he stood with me in the car park talking about everything from social media to the glow worms in the tunnel.

When asked if he was worried about the glow worms, he said well not really, his only concern was impressions and engagement with his followers. Heartless? Well he was honest, I give him that.

With no apparent regard for the environment, nature and wildlife etc how can you actually educate him? you probably can’t. He is 100% intrenched in social media, its his job and perhaps thats the problem.

But maybe I have influenced him? He hasn’t posted the image to social media as yet. Maybe he is waiting for the right time. You cant hope but dream.